AleaSoft offers a variety of complementary services to assist our customers needs:

Energy Market Reports

AleaSoft prepares reports catering to your interests as per your request. Reports include information of registered values of relevant data, useful to understand the evolution of the markets: market price, demand, production by technology, commodities, weather variables and other. These reports are delivered by email, weekly and monthly and are available for MIBEL, Powernext, Phelix, N2EX, IPEX and Nordpool.

Data Supply

AleaSoft offers data supply to complement your studies and markets on:

  • The most important energy markets.
  • Weather data for any location in the world (including temperature, wind speed, wind-chill temperature, cloudiness, etc).

The data provided can be of a historical nature, as well as in a present context and forecasting future data. In all cases, data is automatically supplied by email or FTP daily, or multiple times a day.


AleaSoft assists customers in optimizing their processes in order to ensure profitability specific to energy production and investments. Optimization guarantees companies efficiency in a variety of sectors: pricing, production planning, investments planning, allocation of resources, etc. Optimization therefore improves the yield of a process or system, to better profitability.

Training and Consultancy

AleaSoft offers professional services for both training and consultancy.

  • Training services specific to power forecasting, improving your knowledge in forecast methods and complex aspects related to energy forecasts.
  • Consultancy on forecasting tools, methods and processes.
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