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Portfolio valuation and audits

In a short time, renewable portfolios have been growing, constituting a very important asset. The valuation of the portfolio that can be carried out in a financial audit process depends on the forecast of electricity market prices. AleaSoft offers price forecast reports for portfolio valuation and audits, supported by long-term forecast models with a scientific basis, with consistent results and quality demonstrated in 25 years of experience.

Having a long term price forecasting model with a scientific basis, with coherent results and quality demonstrated in 25 years of experience is essential to:

A good long term price forecasting, both of price levels and targeting, can cause the generation portfolio to be properly valued and audited.

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25 years of experience

25 years of experience as forecasting leaders in the energy sector

All European markets

We offer forecasts for all European markets

Scientific methodology

Hybrid forecasting model based on neural networks, regression and SARIMA model


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25 years making quality forecasts

Forecast made in November 2010 of the prices of the electricity market in Spain. The graph shows the success of the forecasts and the confidence bands. An important aspect to consider is that price ranges around the expected value. This feature will continue to be maintained in the future, so the importance of the quality of the forecasts and the associated probabilities.

To make significant decisions it is important to have the most reliable information. And at AleaSoft we can provide it.

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