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We transform energy market information into knowledge, intelligence, vision and opportunities

AleaSoft: Energy forecasting

Energy price forecasting

Automatic forecasting solutions of the prices of the energy market, at short, mid and long term; available as a product and as a service.

Automatic forecasting solutions of the demand and renewable energy at short, mid and long term; available as a product and as a service.

Our products and services include highly reliable forecasts for prices, demand and renewable energy adapted to the needs of the energy market for the short, medium and long-term horizons.

Over the course of 25 years these energy forecasts have been used as products or as services, constituting the fundamental input of a set of cases of applications, solutions or consultancies applied to various energy sectors such as utilities , traders, renewable developers, large consumers, traders, investment funds and banks.

We help companies from the production, management and commercialization of energy to trading and investment. We provide information, forecasting and consulting services for all companies in the energy sector: TSOs, utilities, traders, retailers, large and electro intensive consumers, renewable energies, investment funds and banks.

Electricity markets prices forecasting for hybridisation, financing and PPA