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AleaSoft Energy Forecasting is distinguished by its innovative approach to forecasting services, relying on Artificial Intelligence to satisfy the varied demands of the energy sector. The company’s structure is divided into six specialised divisions, each focused on a crucial aspect of energy markets.
  1. AleaGreen – Long-term Forecasts and Renewable Energy: Specialised in the analysis of long‑term price curves and forecasts of renewable energy production (solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, etc.), AleaGreen is crucial for project developers, investors and energy planners who aim for long‑term sustainability and profitability in their investments and operations.
  2. AleaBlue – Short- and Mid‑term Forecasts: The company’s historical division, AleaBlue, focuses on providing detailed analysis and short- and mid‑term forecasts of demand and prices in the energy markets. Essential for market traders, investors and regulators looking to understand immediate fluctuations and prepare for near- to mid‑horizon market changes.
  3. AleaHub – PPA and Renewable Assets Marketplace: Acting as a market integrator, AleaHub facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers of renewable energy, offering a platform for the exchange of PPA and renewable assets/projects. This division is invaluable for companies looking to secure or sell renewable energy and for investors looking for new opportunities in the sector.
  4. Storage, Batteries & Hybridisation: This division offers solutions focused on energy storage, especially through batteries, and the hybridisation of renewable technologies with storage systems. Its objective is to optimise the operation of these projects to maximise their performance and is aimed at grid operators, project developers and entities interested in improving the efficiency and profitability of their storage systems.
  5. Information for the Energy Sector: Through Alea Energy Database, this division provides an online data platform that brings together critical information on energy markets, accompanied by advanced analytical tools. In addition, it offers personalised reports to delve deeper into specific topics, adapting to the needs of consulting firms, analysts and energy managers who require reliable data for their analysis and strategic decisions.
  6. Consulting: Combining AleaSoft’s forecasting capabilities with market and regulatory strategic consulting, this division supports companies in making informed decisions and optimising renewable projects. It is ideal for entities seeking to successfully navigate the complex energy market environment, from the planning phase to operation and expansion.
Each division of AleaSoft Energy Forecasting is designed to offer specific solutions that address the complex and changing needs of the energy sector, supporting a wide range of clients to meet their challenges and capitalise on the opportunities that arise in the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

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Forecast made in November 2010 of the prices of the electricity market in Spain. The graph shows the success of the forecasts and the confidence bands. An important aspect to consider is that price ranges around the expected value. This feature will continue to be maintained in the future, so the importance of the quality of the forecasts and the associated probabilities.

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