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Prospects for energy markets in Europe. Vision of the future: energy storage

April 21, 2022 | 10:00 - 11:00 CET


Oriol Saltó i Bauzà
Associate Partner at AleaGreen
Raúl García Posada
Director at ASEALEN


  • Evolution and prospects of European energy markets
  • Vision of the future on the energy storage

The consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in European energy markets made evident the need for Europe to achieve the energy independence, and placed renewable energies and storage as protagonists of this process. In the webinar, the speakers from ASEALEN, the Spanish Association for Energy Storage, will analyse the vision of the future of storage with various technologies (batteries, pumping, solar thermal, green hydrogen…). In addition, the analysis of the evolution of the European energy markets and their prospects at the short‑, mid‑ and long‑term will be carried out.


Oriol Saltó i Bauzà, he is an Associate Partner at AleaGreen. He has a PhD in Physics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has 20 years of experience in data analysis and modelling both in the context of scientific research and in energy markets. At AleaSoft, for more than ten years, he has been at the forefront of the development of forecasting models for the European energy markets: electricity, gas, oil, CO2, among others.

Raúl García Posada, he is currently the Director of ASEALEN, the Spanish Energy Storage Association, having previously held the position of General Secretary of PROTERMOSOLAR, the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry. He has experience in the complete development of renewable energy projects, from their origin with the location of sites and administrative and environmental processing to their commercial operation and sale, including construction, financing, commissioning and operation.