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Prospects for energy markets in Europe. Vision of the future

December 15, 2022 | 10:00 - 11:00 CET
Oriol Saltó i Bauzà
Associate Partner at AleaGreen
Alejandro Delgado Fornaguera
Associate Partner at AleaGreen


  • Evolution and prospects of energy markets in Europe
  • Long‑term vision of the future of European energy markets in 2050
  • Tools for risk management and business opportunities: simulations of five‑year hourly price curves for traders and developers of wind and photovoltaic renewable energy projects and of hybrid systems with energy storage
  • Tools for renewable energy assets valuation for PPA and audits
  • Alea Energy DataBase (AleaApp) for the compilation, visualisation and analysis of energy markets data

This webinar will take place when 2022 is about to end, a year characterised by an unprecedented crisis in the European energy markets, by the macrovolatility of prices and by the measures carried out by European governments to try to alleviate the effects of the high energy prices that are significantly affecting consumers, especially electro‑intensive consumers.

The webinar will analyse the evolution of the markets during the year 2022, as well as the main measures adopted. The vision of the future of AleaSoft Energy Forecasting and AleaGreen on the markets, the challenges to be faced during the energy transition and the opportunities that may arise in the coming years and decades will also be analysed.

To achieve the renewable energy capacity targets for 2030 and 2050 set by the European Union and by each country individually, a huge capital investment will be necessary. In order for renewable energy projects to obtain the necessary financing, it is essential to have a clear and reliable vision of the future of the European electricity markets and the tools that allow the assessment of the equity of the projects and the estimation and responsible management of the market price risks.

The webinar will analyse tools such as the hourly price forecasting and the estimation of hourly wind and photovoltaic resources thirty years ahead, markets prices confidence bands, hourly price simulations and the optimisation of the operation of energy storage systems. All of them are necessary tools for the evaluation of the viability of renewable energy projects to mitigate the risk of investment and the negotiation of a PPA.

Likewise, the operation of Alea Energy DataBase (AleaApp), an online platform for the compilation, visualisation and analysis of data for professionals of the energy sector developed by AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, will be shown. This tool is of great interest to all players of the energy market, including journalists specialised in the sector, due to its completeness, reliability and ease of use.


Oriol Saltó i Bauzà, es Associate Partner en AleaGreen. Es Doctor en Física por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Tiene 20 años de experiencia en el análisis y la modelización de datos tanto en el contexto de investigaciones científicas como en mercados de energía. En AleaSoft, durante más de diez años, ha estado al frente del desarrollo de modelos de previsiones para los mercados de energía europeos: electricidad, gas, petróleo, CO2, entre otros.

Jorge Simão,

Pablo Villaplana,

Mesa de análisis

Antonio Delgado Rigal, es el fundador y CEO de AleaSoft. Es Doctor en Inteligencia Artificial por la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña y el principal creador de la metodología y del modelo de previsiones Alea. Ha participado como líder en decenas de proyectos de previsiones y creado o supervisado cientos de modelos de previsiones en el sector de la energía para las empresas más importantes del sector en Europa. La experiencia acumulada en el conocimiento del mercado eléctrico español se remonta a más de 20 años.