Optimization and planning of energy production

For agents operating in the energy sector, there are two aspects that are fundamental: having good forecasts and perform a good optimization.

Over the course of 20 years of history, AleaSoft has developed projects for the automatic optimisation of production management or efficient planning of electricity generation facilities.

Both producers and consumers need forecasts to optimise their resources and maximize profits. AleaSoft’s optimisation tools help define the optimisation strategy for:

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20 years of experience

20 years of experience as forecasting leaders in the energy sector

All European markets

We offer forecasts for all European markets

Scientific methodology

Hybrid forecasting model based on neural networks, regression and SARIMA model


Strategic consulting for the purchase and sale of energy and energy assets

20 years making quality forecasts

To make significant decisions it is important to have the most reliable information.
And at AleaSoft we can provide it.

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