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News on European electricity markets
Week 39/2023
(25/09/2023 -01/10/2023)


September 26, 2023

Lower prices in European electricity markets thanks to increased wind energy production

In the third week of September, European electricity markets prices fell compared to the previous week. The decline was due to lower demand and a significant increase in wind energy production in several markets, which offset the increase in gas and CO2 prices. On September 25 TTF gas futures reached their highest level since early April and on September 18 Brent reached its highest settlement price since November 2022.

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September 22, 2023

Spain brings solar PPA to lead Europe

PPA are booming as a tool in the energy transition. PPA allow renewable energy producers to guarantee the long term sale of their production, facilitating financing. In turn, consumers ensure a supply at agreed prices, avoiding market volatility and demonstrating their commitment to the environment. Spain has brought solar PPA to lead in Europe. AleaGreen facilitates the search for counterparties to originate PPA.

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September 25, 2023

Our long-term price forecasts have a...

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On September 7, AleaSoft Energy Forecasting we organised the webinar "Prospects for energy markets in Europe. Benefits of PPA for large and electro intensive consumers", where the following topics were addressed:
  • Evolution and prospects of European energy markets
  • Benefits of PPA for large and electro intensive consumers
  • AleaSoft services that contribute to risk management and energy transition
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On October 19, AleaSoft Energy Forecasting will organise the webinar "Prospects for energy markets in Europe for the winter 2023-2024. Renewable energy projects financing", where the following topics will be addressed:
  • Evolution and prospects of European energy markets for the winter 2023-2024
  • Financing of renewable energy projects
  • Importance of forecasting in audits and portfolio valuation
The speakers will be:
  • Oriol Saltó i Bauzà, Associate Partner at AleaGreen
  • Carlos Milans del Bosch, Partner of Financial Advisory at Deloitte
  • Álvaro Antón Azcoiti, Director, Financial Advisory at Deloitte
  • Ricardo Benito Pascual, Director, Financial Advisory at Deloitte
  • Bárbara Cueto-Felgueroso Rato, Director Corporate Treasury Advisory Services at Deloitte

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At AleaSoft Energy Forecasting we are experts in statistical models and forecasts related to the European energy markets, renewable energy, projects financing and PPA, and we hold workshops on topics of interest, with demonstrations and applications of techniques and tools for the professionals of the energy sector.
These are the latest workshops held:
  • Short term forecasting for agents that operate in the spot and futures markets. Request recording >>
  • Mid-term forecasting with the stochasticity distributions for agents operating in the spot and futures markets. Request recording >>
  • Alea Energy DataBase (AleaApp) for the compilation, visualisation and analysis of data related to the energy markets. Request recording >>

At AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, studies, analyses and reports are carried out for hybrid systems, mainly of solar photovoltaic energy with batteries, but also of solar photovoltaic energy with wind energy, and of the three, solar photovoltaic energy, wind energy and batteries. The objective of these studies, analyses and reports is defining strategies for optimising the operation of hybrid systems to maximise their income. In addition, the estimation of future income is made taking into account the defined strategy and long term hourly market price forecasts.
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At AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, long term forecasting reports are carried out for all European energy markets. In addition, new complementary services associated with these long term reports are offered.

Mid term European electricity markets prices forecasting reports are also available, which provide a vision of the prospects for the coming months and years, taking into account the most up to date scenarios for the evolution of the economy.
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At AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, studies and reports on the European energy markets are carried out to satisfy the needs of the companies in the sector or other indirectly related companies. Some examples of these reports are:

  • Long-term analysis of the electricity sector in the European markets
  • Optimisation strategies for hybrid systems of renewable energy and energy storage
  • Impact of the 7% tax on the market prices
  • Financing and PPA
  • Renewable energy auctions
  • CO2 prices
  • Analysis of the emission factor transferred to the market at the long term
  • Price captured by photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and hydroelectric energy
  • Valuation of the wind and solar resource of a facility
  • Influence of anticipated nuclear power plants shutdowns in the electricity sector
  • International interconnections
  • Analysis of price cannibalisation and hourly price profiles in the future
  • Future of the green hydrogen in the energy sector
  • Self-consumption
  • Analysis of future scenarios in the sector and simulations
  • Repercussions of the NECP in the electricity market
  • Monographs on the main European electricity markets
  • Cogeneration
  • Biomass
  • National, regional electricity consumption or client portfolio
  • Generation optimisation
  • Fuels: consumption, prices and futures

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At AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, the Alea Energy DataBase (AleaApp) was developed, an online platform which compiles the data from the energy markets and the macroeconomic data from the main European markets, helping and facilitating the digitalisation of the companies. In this tool it is possible to visualise and analyse the data through comparative graphs of variables, calculation of the moving average, changes in the temporality of the series, among others.

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The energy markets observatories are available on the AleaSoft Energy Forecasting website, which allow analysing the evolution of the main European electricity markets in recent weeks. This tool includes hourly, daily and weekly graphs in which the information is updated daily.

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