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AleaSoft is proud to announce it will be partaking in the ANYWHERE project which mission is: “enhancing emergency management and response to extreme weather and climate events”. The purpose of ANYWHERE is enabling populations whom are potentially affected by extreme meteorological conditions, allowing thus to foresee and strategize in order to minimize its negative impact. ANYWHERE proposes the implementation of a “Pan-European multi-hazard platform”, which combines existing knowledge with recent research and investigation. This platform will empower the effective analysis and anticipation of risks derivative from extreme weather conditions.

AleaSoft will be participating in the project as a member of the external board, taking part in the SME and Industry Collaborative Network (SICN), which will be composed of fifty key stakeholder institutions. Together with the other members of SICN, AleaSoft will contribute in workshops and training activities, promoting the collaboration between enterprises of the industry. These workshops aim to cater to local stakeholders, end users of the platform and all SICN board members.

Given the international nature of the project, AleaSoft will be participating in diverse workshops taking place in European countries such as Italy, Finland, Spain, and Belgium. The first workshop is going to be held in Genoa (Italy), in which AleaSoft will be attending from the 5th to the 8th of September 2016.