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AleaSoft offers solutions for forecasting in the energy sector. For more than 25 years, AleaSoft has been providing its clients a set of products and services in the field of energy demand, renewable energy sources and electricity market price forecasting. In the field of renewable energy sources, AleaSoft provides forecasting for wind, thermosolar, photovoltaic, cogeneration and hydroelectric energy production.

AleaSoft provides forecasting at the short, medium and long term to all the players in the energy sector: Utilities, Transmission System Operators, Traders, Retailers, Large Consumers, all kind of Generators in the electricity industry, and also banks and Mutual Funds.

With the increase of PPAs, AleaSoft supplies long term forecasts to the developers and managers of electrical infrastructures, as well as investors, banks and potential renewable sources energy purchasers in all the European markets.

At present, 85% of the electricity that is traded in the Spanish wholesale electricity market uses AleaSoft forecasts as a reference.

AleaSoft has a strong presence in the European market and aspires to expand their services worldwide.



Deliver comprehensive market intelligence services worldwide to the energy sector using state-of-the-art AI-powered modelling and analysis tools.
Provide forecasting and future insights to benefit our clients in making optimal decisions effectively.
Contribute towards building a greener future by promoting the use of sustainable energy sources.



AleaSoft global company to support the deployment of renewable energy and the achievement of full decarbonisation by 2050.


AleaSoft was founded in Barcelona in 1999, within the context of the liberalization of the European electricity market and as the result of research projects led by the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) in the field of energy forecasting. UPC held a crucial part in AleaSoft, both as a founding member and as a technological partner.

AleaSoft has developed research projects in the field of energy demand and price forecasting, principally focusing on electricity and gas. AleaSoft has been a leader in its field, investing greatly in Research and Development. Its solutions have satisfied the necessities of all actors involved in the European energy market, and continue doing so. AleaSoft’s ambition is to expand its global outreach, increasing its role in the American and Asian markets.