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Job Opportunities

AleaSoft is looking for the best talent. We are looking for skilled and committed employees. If you think you fit this description please send us your resume and cover letter to:

We are currently offering the following positions:

Junior scientific programmer with experience in C++ and Python programming language for the exploitation of the software applications developed by the company, as well as for the development of new applications, functionalities and models. Experience in data analysis, data processing and modelling will also be an asset.

Scientific programmer with a PhD in computer engineering, mathematics, physics or artificial intelligence and experience in data analysis, data processing and modelling. He/she will be dedicated to the exploitation and development of the software applications, functionalities and models developed by the company. Experience in C++ and Python programming language is also an asset.

Meteorologist or specialist in the development of wind energy production forecasts who will be involved in the development and improvement of wind energy production models at all time horizons, especially in the short term.

Specialist in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Project Finance for renewable energy projects.

Commercial and Marketing Assistant to conduct research on potential customers, data analysis and management, to work with Salesforce CRM, to conduct sales campaigns, news and social media outreach.

Person with experience in team management, preferably in the commercial area, to direct, control and monitor the strategic marketing process of the services provided by the company.

Journalist or person with copywriting experience who will be responsible for planning, developing and managing the company’s communication strategies, including writing analysis of the energy sector news and managing social networks.

Digital Marketing Specialist who will be responsible for implementing, developing and executing the company’s digital marketing plan.

Coordinator of strategies and expansion of the company at a global level.

Intern for the technical team who will be in charge of searching for energy market data that will be used as an input in the development and improvement of forecasting models.

Intern for the commercial team to search for potential clients.

AleaSoft is open to carry out collaborations and synergies with companies and consultants involved in the energy sector, both from a technical and commercial point of view.

AleaSoft is open to collaborate with research centres and educational institutions for the research and development of forecasting models for the energy sector.