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Energy storage optimisation and management

Energy storage optimisation and management

Price simulations and optimisation algorithms to maximise revenues


AleaSoft provides reports for energy storage systems optimisation and management in the long‑term, with up to 40‑year horizon. Optimising energy storage systems permits to maximise revenues from the sale of stored energy.

We do this by running hourly price simulations and using optimisation algorithms that take into account the characteristics of the storage system, such as storage capacity, charging and discharging power, and the degradation of the system over time. For hourly price simulations, we use the Alea methodology, which combines Artificial Intelligence, time series and statistical modelling.

Reports are tailored to the client’s needs and typically include

  • Storage system operation strategy to maximise revenues through arbitrage in the day‑ahead market
  • Captured price and annual revenues from storage system taking into account the defined strategy
  • Other revenues from storage system due to participation in balancing services and the capacity market

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