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Alea Energy DataBase

Information is the key to knowledge and responsible decision making.

AleaSoft offers the possibility of accessing all data that feed the powerful Alea forecasting models for the energy sector.

AleaSoft developed Alea Energy DataBase, an online platform for the compilation, visualisation and analysis of data related to energy markets.

Alea Energy DataBase is the main source of data for the energy sector. All necessary data in the same place, with the same format and always updated. The data of Alea Energy DataBase are continuously checked to ensure that they are always up to date and that they are updated as soon as possible.

Alea Energy DataBase is used by:

In Alea Energy DataBase, data are organised by observatories that group sets of interrelated time series. For example, the Spanish electricity market observatory includes the MIBEL market price series, demand, temperature and production by technology. The fuels observatory includes the prices of the main markets of gas, Brent, coal, CO2 emission rights and the Eurodollar exchange rate. Each series can be consulted individually, but also the series that make up an observatory can be represented together.

Every day new data and observatories are added to the platform. Currently the platform covers the main markets in Europe and new markets of America and Asia are being prepared.

Some of the observatories currently present in Alea Energy DataBase are:

Alea Energy DataBase allows customising the visualisation of the time series so that each user can adapt them to their needs, for example:

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