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AleaSoft celebrates its 16 years as a leader in energy forecasting

AleaSoft, leading company in the development of energy forecasting of the demand and prices, celebrates its 16th anniversary increasing its role within the energy sector. The firm, founded in Barcelona on October 8th 1999, following the liberalization of the energy market, has grown exponentially and will continue doing so. The first client was Endesa, with whom it still maintains a close collaboration. Over the years AleaSoft has expanded its client portfolio including Distributors, Traders, Retailers, small and large Consumers, Generators and Transmission system operators (TSO).

The mission of the company is based on continuous innovation: R&D&I is AleaSoft’s motor. AleaSoft offers a new generation of forecasting models that demonstrate a higher accuracy and automation than traditional models: this technology reflects the latest advances in statistics and Neural Networks. In order to maintain its position as a leader in the industry, AleaSoft is continuously improving its forecasts. As of today, AleaSoft is present in many European countries, such as, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc. Its objective of expansion pushes AleaSoft to become a global benchmark and R&D&I is the key to achieving it.

During the last year the company’s team has been growing, both in the technical and commercial departments and this growth is a sign that AleaSoft is committed to becoming a world leader. Likewise, AleaSoft is open to potential strategic alliances and future investors with whom to achieve collaborations.

AleaSoft wishes to Empower Your Future

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