February 21st, 2018.‑ AleaSoft participates in the “Wind power and the electricity market” symposium, organized by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), which takes place on February 21st at the Hesperia Hotel in Madrid.

Some of the topics that will be covered in this edition of the “Wind power and the electricity market” symposium will be: corporate PPA’s with physical delivery, PPA’s with financial coverage, new opportunities to generate income such as the capacity guarantee or the flexible operation, the analysis of the results after two years operating in the ancillary services, among others.

The symposium program includes the following debates and presentations:

If you are interested in our presentation, you can write us to info@aleasoft.com.

AleaSoft is the European leader in the development of models for forecasting consumption and prices in energy markets. We have been providing forecasts to the main companies in the electricity sector for 19 years. Currently, 85% of the electricity purchased and sold in the Spanish electricity market uses our price forecasts as a reference. We currently offer forecasts of demand, prices and production by technologies of the main European markets.

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