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Energía eólica

AleaSoft offers long-term price forecasting for PPAs

AleaSoft which will celebrate its 21th anniversary as an expert company in energy forecasts with a solid scientific base, is offering long-term price forecasting of the main European electricity markets: Germany (EPEX SPOT-Phelix), Spain and Portugal (MIBEL), France (EPEX SPOT), Italy (IPEX), Poland (POLPX) and the United Kingdom (N2EX). This becomes a really useful tool for both parties of a PPA.

To have reliable long-term price forecasts in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is essential for all parties involved: investors, manufacturers, installers, managers, producers and consumers.

A PPA is a contract to sell and purchase energy between a renewable energy developer and a buyer. This long-term commitment helps finance a renewable energy project, usually wind or solar, while guaranteeing the buyer a source of clean energy. PPA’s provide long-term (10-30 years) price stability, and at the same time help buyers meet their renewable energy and carbon reduction commitments.

If you are interested in our forecasts, you can write to info@aleasoft.com.

AleaSoft is the European leader in the development of models for forecasting consumption and prices in energy markets. We have been providing forecasts to the main companies in the electricity sector for 21 years. Currently, 85% of the electricity purchased and sold in the Spanish electricity market uses our price forecasts as a reference. We currently offer forecasts of demand, prices and production by technologies of the main European markets.

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