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AleaSoft, December 31, 2018. The photovoltaic resource has a great future in southern Europe. The regions of the southern part of the European continent can become developed areas with knowledge-based industries thanks to photovoltaic energy in the future.

Some people are born in a poor country, others in a rich country. Some are born in a region with a high level of education or in one with very few resources, rich or very poor cities. What determines the destiny of a country or a region? An important factor is natural resources, well managed, with investments in infrastructure and investments in knowledge. Can a poor country change in a few years thanks to well-managed natural resources?

Dubai is an example. Thanks to the oil fields, the country has taken a leap into the future from the depths of poverty. A country with well-managed energy resources can advance unlimitedly.

The photovoltaic technology has been lowering the prices of the solar panels until reaching the threshold of profitability, being able to sell the energy directly in the market without incentives.

The southern regions of Europe are generally the least developed. However, nature has provided them with the best energy resource, solar energy. Thanks to photovoltaic technology and the large number of hours of sunshine in the south of the continent, more than 2,000 hours, southern Europe is an inexhaustible mine of clean energy.

Together with wind and hydroelectric energy, photovoltaic energy will replace polluting fossil energies, first coal and then gas. They will also replace nuclear energy. Fortunately a cleaner future is possible. The electricity obtained from clean renewable sources will replace the rest of the energy in all areas: industry, domestic and transport.

The use of hydrogen will be extended in internal combustion engines and as an energy source in electrochemical cells. The transport of the near future will be electric, with batteries or hydrogen batteries. A cleaner atmosphere will be achieved and also cities without air pollution and without transport noise.

What will happen to energy prices? It can be thought that a technology that uses photovoltaic solar energy, with increasingly low prices and also low maintenance costs, will cause the market price of electricity to fall. At AleaSoft we believe that in the next 20 years a market balance will be maintained in Europe. The renewable energies will be replacing the non-renewable but also the electricity demand will increase. In Spain, according to an analysis performed by Red Eléctrica, for each million electric cars the demand will increase by one percent. But in the case of transport, we are not only talking about electric cars, but all kinds of land and sea electric transport. The ships of the future will have as fuel the hydrogen that is manufactured with electricity.

The nearby sources of energy are a claim for the installation of new productive infrastructures. Photovoltaic self-consumption will be encouraged in the southern areas of Europe.

A new industry requires a lot of energy: the knowledge industry, artificial intelligence, massive servers, cloud-based systems, blockchain, big data, in short, the main industry of the future.

In the same way that Dubai, thanks to energy, has become a world reference for development, in the photovoltaic revolution many regions of the world are going to have an opportunity to grow and develop. In Southern Europe, all the conditions are settled so that the most disadvantaged regions can participate in this inexhaustible mine of energy resources.

European, national and regional administrations should encourage investments in renewable energy, mainly photovoltaics.

We take this opportunity to wish from AleaSoft a prosperous 2019 to our friends and colleagues in the energy sector.

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