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AleaSoft at the UNEF technical seminar on the electricity market

AleaSoft, May 22, 2019. On June 5 a Technical Seminar on the Electricity Market will be held in Madrid, organised by the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) and sponsored by AleaSoft Energy Forecasting.


In the Technical Seminar on the Electricity Market that will be held on June 5 at the headquarters of the Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation, once again, the UNEF has proposed to bring together the agents involved in this process. Photovoltaic producers, installation companies and operators of photovoltaic power plants, and any company or person interested in the photovoltaic sector, will meet in this Conference that aims to analyse the operation of the wholesale electricity market in our country. There, the calculation of settlement and billing and the adjustment services will be exposed, and the role that photovoltaics can play in these services will be discussed. The latest advances in photovoltaic projects will also be discussed from the auctions, market projects and PPA contracts.

In addition to being sponsors, AleaSoft will participate in the conference with a presentation on the market prices forecasting. The medium and long-term price forecasts are fundamental for the implementation of photovoltaic energy, allowing a vision of the future to manage the risks in the decision-making on investments and facilitate the setting of prices in a PPA contract.

The presentation of AleaSoft will have as fundamental points:

– Mid-term probabilistic forecasts for risk management (three‑year horizon)

– Long-term forecasts for PPAs (twenty‑year horizon)


Source: AleaSoft Energy Forecasting.

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