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AleaSoft restructures its activities into six divisions to boost renewable energy development

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, July 9, 2024. With an innovative vision, the company optimises its services to more effectively meet the demands of the global energy market.

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, recognised for its pioneering approach to the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the energy sector, announces a new internal organisational structure. Divided into six specialised divisions, the company is poised to more efficiently serve the growing needs of the renewable energy sector.

AleaSoft, which started as a spin‑off from the UPC 25 years ago, and has been a model of successful academia‑industry collaboration, has demonstrated how innovation and specialised knowledge can lead to effective solutions in energy markets. “This new organisational structure reflects our proactive response to a market that is rapidly evolving towards decarbonisation and sustainability”, explains Antonio Delgado Rigal, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, founder and CEO of AleaSoft.

AleaSoft - Antonio Delgado Rigal CEOAntonio Delgado Rigal, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, founder and CEO of AleaSoft Energy Forecasting

The project currently has a multidisciplinary team of 30 people with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. Half of the technical team has a PhD degree. “This team is at the heart of our operations, driving AleaSoft towards new horizons in more than 40 global markets and reinforcing our commitment to the development of sustainable energy solutions”, says the company’s CEO.

AleaSoft is strongly committed to helping achieve the ambitious targets set at the COP28 Conference held in Dubai in November 2023, especially with regard to renewable energy. The conference concluded that in order to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, it is necessary to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 and 60% by 2035, relative to 2019 levels, and achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. In addition, a major target of tripling global renewable energy capacity by 2030 was set. “At AleaSoft, our six specialised divisions are aligned with these goals, providing innovative and effective solutions that support the global energy transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future”, says Dr Delgado Rigal.

The six new divisions are:

  • AleaGreen: Long‑term price forecasting reports, vital for financing, M&A and PPA deals.
  • AleaBlue: Short- and mid‑term energy forecasting, essential for risk management, hedging and trading operations.
  • AleaHub: A Marketplace that facilitates the connection between the main players in the renewable sector for the purchase and sale of renewable PPA, assets and projects.
  • AleaStorage: Focused on energy storage and hybridisation, for the calculation of revenues and the management and optimisation of storage projects.
  • AleaWhite: Online data platform providing critical information, news and webinars for the energy sector.
  • AleaConsulting: Consulting specialised in energy markets, providing market reports, audits and strategic advice.

“With operations in more than 40 markets in Europe, America and Asia, and a specialised team that has developed more than 1200 forecasting models in our 25‑year history, AleaSoft is perfectly positioned to support the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future”, adds Delgado Rigal. Its first client, ENDESA, was the start of what is now a base of more than 300 active clients, 190 of which have been added in the last five years. These clients include all players in the electricity market: utilities, generators, retailers, large consumers, renewable park developers, banks and investment funds, electricity and gas system operators and others.

The new structure not only reinforces AleaSoft’s commitment to innovation, growth and service excellence, but also ensures that each division is aligned to address the specific challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving renewable energy sector.

AleaSoft will continue to organically fund its growth and international expansion. As a company that has always prioritised financial sustainability, AleaSoft has grown on its own, maintaining a profitable and debt‑free business model. Over the last three years, the company has experienced an average annual revenue growth of 25%, reflecting the success and growing demand in the market.

AleaSoft moves towards new horizons in energy markets on all continents, reinforcing commitment to renewable energy development and global decarbonisation.

About AleaSoft: Since its foundation in 1999, AleaSoft Energy Forecasting has been leading the market with forecast solutions in the energy sector mainly based on Artificial Intelligence.

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