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AleaSoft, January 16, 2020. AleaSoft will participate in the “The Wind Energy and the Market 2020” Conference organised by AEE. This year the conference is entitled “Experience of the auctions and future forecasts: Processing, grid access and prices coverage” and will be held in Madrid on January 23.

As every year, the Wind Energy Business Association (AEE) organises the “The Wind Energy and the Market” Conference. On this occasion the title will be “Experience of the auctions and future forecasts: processing, grid access and prices coverage” and will be held on January 23 at the Hesperia Hotel in Madrid.

In the current scenario, where the energy transition provides the opportunity to consolidate the Spanish world leadership in this sector, the economic and regulatory aspects, experiences in the adjustment markets and future prospects of the electricity market will be addressed in the event.

Offer Long-Term Price Forecast for PPA

The wind energy has an important presence in the Spanish electricity system. According to REE data, in November 2019 this was the technology with the highest installed capacity in the peninsula and the second in the national territory, with more than 25 GW. This technology was already present in 1998 when the electricity market came into operation and since then it did not stop growing. In 2019, until November, new 1.6 GW of this technology were installed in Spain. The production statistics are also record. In 2019, the wind energy was positioned as the second technology with the highest production in the Spanish peninsular territory, with 53 TWh, and covered 21.5% of the demand. From now on, the wind energy is called to continue making history and is preparing for a future where the renewable energies will have a leading role in the energy transition. The objective of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) for 2030 is doubling the current capacity and reaching 50 GW of installed capacity. The AEE’s conference of next week will be a great opportunity to start preparing that future.

AleaSoft - Wind power installed capacity spainSource: Prepared by AleaSoft using data from REE and NECP. For the year 2019 data to November 2019.

This edition of the AEE Conference will feature national and international speakers, experts and representatives of the different interest groups in the wind energy sector. Issues as important to the sector as the results of the renewable energy auctions, access and connection, project financing, risks coverage and PPAs, and the new auctions will be discussed.

AleaSoft will participate in the session “The forecasts of the evolution of the sale price and its implications in the viability of the projects”, to be developed between 12:15 and 13:15, with the presentation “The uncertainties in the future forecasts of prices”.

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Source: AleaSoft Energy Forecasting