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The PPA as insurance to guarantee the price

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, November 19, 2021. PPA are becoming increasingly popular in the European electricity sector thanks to the benefits they bring to signatories. They are a fundamental tool to mitigate the market prices risk for both generators and consumers. With their current boom, PPA will have to move a large part of the demand […]

The influence of the wind energy on the Spanish electricity market

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, November 16, 2021. The wind energy is the electricity generation technology with the most installed capacity in Mainland Spain and the second that contributed the most to the generation mix in recent years, exerting a downward influence on market prices. This technology, together with combined cycle gas turbines, took coal out of […]

Tense calm in the energy markets in Europe

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, November 12, 2021. The situation of the energy markets in Europe is of tense calm. The increased flow of gas to the continent’s reserves slowed the rise in prices in gas and electricity markets. But prices continue at extremely high levels and very dependent on any news about the supply of gas […]

November began with price decreases in most European electricity markets

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, November 8, 2021. In the first week of November, prices of most European electricity markets registered declines, favoured by the drop in gas prices and the increase in wind energy production in some markets. In the Iberian market, the increase in solar energy production was another factor that favoured that prices fell. […]

The activation of Cesce credits: good news in the midst of troubled times of the electricity sector

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, November 5, 2021. On November 2, the public insurance company Cesce approved the guarantee coverage modality for PPA between electro‑intensive consumers and renewable energy developers within the framework of the Statute of electro‑intensive consumers, which will guarantee the signing of these PPA. Electro‑intensive consumers have a great opportunity to minimise their exposure […]