Energy price forecasting

AleaSoft developed an energy forecasting methodology that is unique, guaranteeing the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy. AleaSoft provides short, medium and long term energy price forecasts in a variety of markets of the energy industry. It has supplied energy price forecasting for the major European electricity markets, providing services for traders, retailers, large clients and electricity companies, such as MIBEL (Spain and Portugal), EPEX SPOT (France, Germany and AustriaBelgiumThe Netherlands and Switzerland), IPEX (Italy), Nord Pool Spot (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia), SEM (Ireland), POLPX (Poland), ROPEX (Romania) and N2EX (United Kingdom). AleaSoft complements energy price forecasting with forecasts related to other price-related variables that are also of interest to market players, such as forecasts of commodity prices (oil, gas, coal, CO2 emissions), production by technology (wind, hydro and solar) and meteorological variables, also influencing the energy industry. AleaSoft has been a strong player in the European market and has ambitions to cater energy price forecasting globally. AleaSoft´s solution for electricity price forecasting can be delivered as a product or as a service.

AleaSoft offers the following energy price forecasting products and services:

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