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Energy demand forecasting

AleaSoft developed an energy forecasting methodology that is unique, guaranteeing the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy. AleaSoft is leader in the field of energy demand forecasting, principally focusing on electricity and gas. AleaSoft´s energy demand forecast products are available at short, medium and long term. AleaSoft supplies a great number of European markets with energy demand forecasting, and its goal is to cater all European markets. Its products have satisfied the necessities of all actors involved in the European energy market, specifically Transmission System Operator, distributors and electricity companies. AleaSoft’s ambition is to expand its global outreach, by providing energy demand forecasts in the American and Asian markets. The AleaSoft team has developed an exclusive technology, merging statistical methodologies and artificial intelligence. AleaSoft´s energy forecasting models are unique, guaranteeing the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy.

AleaSoft offers the following energy demand forecasting products and services:

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