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AleaSoft, November 20, 2019. On December 3 and 4, the III National Congress of Renewable Energies will be held in Madrid, organised by the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA). This meeting will allow the professionals of the national renewable energy sector to exchange their vision of the future. The Spanish consultancy AleaSoft will also have the opportunity to share its vision of the future at the round table that will discuss the future of the pool.

In its labour of diffusion, divulgation and defence of the renewable energy sector, APPA organises the III National Congress of Renewable Energies, which will take place on December 3 and 4 in Madrid, in the Auditorium of Mutua Madrileña, and that aims to serve as a meeting point for the main actors in the national renewable energy sector to share their vision of the future.

AleaSoft - III National Congress Renewable Energies APPA

The congress program includes topics related to the renewable energies and the climate change, the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), the energy transition, the self‑consumption and its impact on the market, the energy storage and management, the hydrogen and its profitability, the role of the large consumers in the face of changing the model, the future of the electricity market, the financing instruments, among others.

In its contribution to the search for answers about the future of the sector, AleaSoft, represented by its CEO Antonio Delgado Rigal, will participate in the round table “The future of the Pool” that will take place on the second day of the event, Wednesday, December 4, at 3:00 p.m. This will be an opportunity to present his vision of the future on the electricity market. In addition, he will explain the scientific methodology used by the Alea models to obtain consistent forecasts of the energy sector.

AleaSoft - Models and variables AleaModel
Alea methodology used in the forecasts for the energy sector.

The Alea models combine Artificial Intelligence and Statistics and are able to capture the market balance of the past and propagate it into the future taking into account the new incorporations of renewable energies, the fundamental variables and the interconnection of the different European markets.

AleaSoft - MIBEL market price long term price forecasting 15 years
MIBEL market long term price forecast generated by AleaSoft in November 2010. Example of consistency of the forecast.

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Source: AleaSoft Energy Forecasting.

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